Renowned Maui artist, Will Herrera, established his studio in Hawaii in 1977 and has gained international recognition for his sculpture and paintings. His works are found in corporate as well as private collections worldwide. Will Herrera’s work is a symphony of colors, dramatic movement, mathematics, and often a message. He combines the immense beauty and spirit of life around him with a unique perspective in elegant works of art. At his seaside studio the artist finds inspiration within the breathtaking shoreline of Maui’s Makena Coast. In his ceramic sculpture the depth and color, lines and light often reflect the island’s landscapes, tide pools, and coastal reef filled waters. Elements of the unknown merge with feelings of discovery when colorants and glazes are fired to nearly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Will’s highly unique paintings, works of art in the ceramic medium, as well as sculpture cast in bronze through the “lost wax” process can be viewed by selecting one of the following categories.

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